Stunning Styles for Emerald Earrings

Stunning Styles for Emerald Earrings

Emeralds are alluring gemstones with a fascinating history and undeniable beauty. Their rich green colors make for unique jewelry pieces that are ideal for any women seeking to wear something truly distinct and sophisticated. Slipping on a pair of elegant emerald earrings is all you really need to spruce up an outfit, wherever you are headed.

From casual to formal or intricate to simple, you can select just the right style of emerald earrings to suit your personality and personal taste.

Transform Loose Emeralds into Emerald Earrings

If you’ve decided ahead of time what earring style you are partial to, when it comes time to purchase your high quality loose Columbian emeralds from a reputable dealer, you will have a much better idea of the gemstones you are looking for. You will find loose emeralds in many different shapes and sizes, not to mention varying shades of gorgeous greens. Knowing the particular style of emerald earrings you are partial to will make your selection of the actual emeralds that much easier. With the variety of design options available, you can ask your jeweler to create exactly the emerald earrings you are dreaming of.

Stunning Styles for Emerald Earrings

A pair of emerald earrings can definitely compliment any attire. They not only come in a number of styles and designs, the emeralds will have a different look and feel depending on whether they are set in yellow or white gold.

Some jewelry designers may even pair loose emeralds with other gemstones, such as opals or diamonds, for a different and dynamic look. Here are some of the great designs for emerald earrings:

Emerald Hoop Earrings

These round earrings come in various sizes. They could be studded with emeralds all the way around, or have a variety of other gemstones incorporated or alternating with the emeralds.

Emerald Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are based on a simple design suitable for a casual occasion for women of any age. Despite its simplicity, this style truly highlights the emerald stones, no matter what their size, making them the center of attention.

Emerald Chandelier Earrings

This is a lovely style for a romantic dinner or any dressy event. The dangling, intricate style of these earrings can make any outfit über-glamorous. As with a number of other styles, chandelier earrings can feature loose emeralds on their own or in combination with other gemstones and precious metals.

Emerald Drop Earrings

A simpler version of the chandelier style, the drop earring design features a solitary stone that dangles from the ear lobe. The dramatic impact of drop earrings lends itself well to the use of sizeable stones. Consider this option when shopping for loose emeralds to create some real oomph.

Emerald Cluster Earrings

Cluster earrings are similar to studs, but are somewhat more intricate in design. Rather than one single gem, several smaller stones are used and clustered together to form a shape (a flower or heart, for example). Imagine the fun of designing your own emblem or special shape.

Emerald Earrings For Every Woman

Earrings have long been one of the most popular jewelry items throughout history. What is extra appealing is that there are so many styles to choose from when it comes to using your coveted loose emeralds. The choice is yours and, if you have trouble selecting just one, why not get two pairs made, one for casual and one for dressy? Pamper yourself!

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