Emeralds are a Perfect Gift for Your BFF!

Emeralds are a Perfect Gift for Your BFF!

Whether it’s for her birthday, graduation, emeraldsChristmas, or in honor of another date or occasion with special significance for the two of you, finding the perfect gift for your BFF takes time and attention.

Consider your friend’s particular preferences and personal flair. Even if your BFF wasn’t born in the month of May, the lure of emeralds and their exotic history is hard to resist. For a classic GGF (good gift forever!) that will always be treasured, the striking green glitter of top quality emeralds is hard to surpass.

Loose Emeralds Leave the Door Open to Choice

Some women love to show off their hands and arms with several bits of eye-catching bling. Others are fonder of adornment from the neck up. Some prefer subtlety, while others love to go all out with total flamboyance. Odds are, you know exactly what appeals to your closest friend’s individual taste and style. Here are some ideas for wonderful ways to use loose emeralds that may inspire.

Elegant emerald earrings – Earrings come in an array of styles and are a great way to incorporate luxurious loose emeralds. From studs or hoops to chandelier or cluster earrings, there are many options to choose from. Purchase emeralds for the earrings that you know will add just the right sparkle to anything your best friend wears, day or night.

Perfect pendants and choice chokers If you’re thinking of selecting a single unique emerald that will hold its own in an ultra-pretty pendant, you’ll have plenty to admire along the way. If you know your BFF likes to bedazzle necklaces on a grander scale, consider the flashy fun of multiple emerald gems in a row, perhaps even interspersed with diamonds.

The beauty of bracelets From slim and elegant bangles to tennis-style bracelets or bold, Art Deco-inspired geometric designs, there is a bracelet to embellish every woman’s wrist. Look at jewelry catalogues for inspiration until you see just the right BFF bracelet!

Has the right ring Just because you aren’t a guy, doesn’t mean that you can’t give your BFF a ring! The concept of friendship rings has been around for a number of years, and the variations are plentiful, from bands to solitaire styles and everything in between. Have initials or a message or date engraved on the ring, for a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

The Best Loose Emeralds Come from a Trusted Source

emeraldsEmeralds: from Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor, few glamorous gals have been able to resist enhancing their feminine allure with these truly gorgeous gems. Once you find a reliable source for genuine, high quality loose emeralds, you can describe the kind of emerald gems you are looking for or what style of jewelry you have in mind. Worthwhile dealers will also feature a number of individual emeralds with descriptions of their cut, carat and other specifics, accompanied by a photograph.

Having beautiful loose emeralds that you have chosen yourself set into the perfect piece of jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give to say how much you cherish the bond you share with your BFF.

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