Hands Down: Emerald Band Rings Bring Glamour to Your Everyday Look

Hands Down: Emerald Band Rings Bring Glamour to Your Everyday Look

There’s no denying that the emerald is a beautiful birthstone and gorgeous green gem. This stone’s remarkable beauty has been popular with women throughout the ages, and fashioned into emerald jewelry pieces ranging from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and pins. If you are looking for a simple and alluring way to add glamour to your everyday look, you may want to consider the striking elegance of emerald band rings.

Emeralds Band Rings are Exceptional

Owning a single, top-quality emerald gem in a ring of any style is an enviable luxury. Imagine the magnificence of emerald band rings emerald jewelryfeaturing entire single or double rows of these vibrant stones, as they catch light and glitter green from every angle. Long considered a sacred stone associated with the goddess Venus, the emerald is believed to preserve love. It has also long been a symbol of hope and prophecy for many, said to bring the wearer reason and wisdom. In the Christianity, emeralds are a potent representation of faith and hope.

Mix Multiple Gemstones into Emerald Band Rings

Combining loose emeralds with other gemstones to create unique and luxurious looks for emerald band rings is part of the fun. If you also love diamonds, sapphires, amethysts and pearls, for example, they can be effectively integrated in any combination into emerald band rings of various widths and styles. Adding splashes of complementary color to your ring boosts its beauty and interest.

If you are a purist and prefer the elegance and sophistication of emeralds on their very own, you have the choice of a number of precious metals to create handsome settings that will feature these fabulous gemstones. Consider a design which sets your loose emeralds in a double, rather than single row, or use a larger emerald in the center of the band, with smaller ones encrusting the rest of the circle. Emeralds will grace a timeless eternity ring that transforms your hand into an eye-catching showpiece, no matter what the occasion.

Emerald Jewelry: Strike up the Band for Rings!

emerald jewelryOne of the best things about emerald jewelry pieces in general, and emerald band rings in particular, is that they go with absolutely anything. No matter how causal or dressy your outfit, a glittering green emerald band ring is a definite attention-getter.

Imagine the satisfaction of being able to select the loose emeralds for your own ring, and the pride you will feel in inspiring the jeweler to create a design that truly reflects your individual taste and personality. Worn day or evening, emerald band rings are versatile and complement any woman’s wardrobe.

If you are looking to add panache to your emerald jewelry collection and extra glamour and style to your daily look, then hands down, this is the way to go. Be advised that when purchasing quality stones for emerald band rings or any emerald jewelry, it is best to contact a reputable dealer.

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